Monday, 30 December 2013

From tying knot to Chhota Bheem Shoes

Must admit that the last 45 days were madness and it has ended. Golden period has begun. Yes. I got married to Gautam on 13-12-13, after dating him for over seven years. And whattay moment of our lives that was. We dated, fought, argued, celebrated and did all that we did for last seven years and more for this one moment, our wedding. 

Wedding got over, we went for a short holiday, not honeymoon mind it. Went to explore the ruins of Hampi, Karnataka and had time of our lives. The moment we came back, there was an assignment knocking my door. My cousin Ishita was super impressed with the Angry Birds shoe I painted for Gautam and Tin Tin for my lovely nephew Agastya. And she wanted to surprise her nephew Nivaan for his 6th birthday.

And there you go, immediately after I came back from my road madness in the hinterlands of Karnataka, I got my simple brief from Ishita to make this shoe before year end. My colours and all brushes were in Surat and luckily I happened to travel to Surat. Whattay co-accident, I mean co-incidence. So I got my research in place, found all the famous characters of Chhota Bheem cartoon series and started work with all enthusiasm.

I decided to put Chhota Bheem, Chhutki, Raju, Jaggu Bandar and the village setup on the shoe, without imagining that this would be really, really tough. Getting the right shapes and curves of the characters wasn't as easy as it seemed. I continued to push hard to get it right and come December 29, the final product came out well. I was satisfied.

As I am writing this, I am travelling back from Surat to Mumbai to be with Gautam on our first NYE as a married couple. And the shoe has been delivered to Ishita and my professional fees have also been paid ;). More than the fees, its the appreciation that mattered.

All my cousins, my friends including Ishita and my in laws loved what I did. Whatsapp wonders. And now I am getting a lot of enquiries too. Suddenly everything has fallen in place. Shoe came out well, Gautam's trip has been postponed, appreciation, enquiries. Golden period looks Golden as of now. Fingers crossed!!! Enough talking, check out my new creation.