Sunday, 12 January 2014

I've spun a web

Spiderman, Spiderman,
Does whatever a spider can.
Spins a web, any size,
Catches thieves just like flies.
Look out! Here comes the Spiderman

Haven't we all grown up hearing this song whenever the friendly neighbourhood, masked vigilante has come on our screens. I mean Peter Parker has been hero for generations, from my time as a kid to the Generation Y of today. Everyone relates to him, everyone feels he is the symbol of hope and heroism, notwithstanding the Robots, Shaktimaans, RaOnes and Krrishs of the world. 

And not so surprisingly, one of my friend from US wanted to get a shoe painted in Spider-Man theme for her nephew in Surat. Yes, the order was from Uncle Sam's country to be delivered at my home town in Surat. Well, and I was excited and Gautam was doubly excited. He loves Spider-Man and can survive a week, easily, on Spider-Man, Batman, Iron Man, Hulk, Avengers and all the superhero movies. 

His excitement was infectious, as if I was making it for him. But yes, this was a birthday surprise from my friend to her nephew. Leaving behind Tin Tin, Angry Birds and Chhota Bheem, Spider-Man was actually a challenge. The challenge was to get the right kind of pose to fit in a shoe of a 5-year old. I mean without sounding foolish, I was just not getting the pose that would fit the shoe properly because as all know he is so acrobatic and also the right colour, the perfect red and perfect blue. 

Somehow I decided to take up one of them, which to begin with looked weird. I wasn't able to distinguish between his arms and legs in the picture. But I realised that once I splash colours into the figure, probably it will look better. And voila, it did. The web, Spider-Man himself and the logo of Amazing Spider-Man filled up the shoe to the right amount. The idea was to have the shoe not look congested yet look full. 

In a matter of 3 days, the shoe was ready and I had a steep deadline to get it ready and delivered in Surat on time for the kid to get it on his birthday. And I managed it somehow. In fact to begin with, I wasn't even getting the shoe size because white canvas shoes are not easily available when the schools are in its last 3-4 months. But anyway, the final product is for all to see. 

I got to know earlier in the morning that the kid was stunned and just couldn't part ways from his new acquisition. That's what matters the most. Till next pair comes on, hope you'll enjoy seeing the making of my new creation. 

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Ohh Shit!! This is bedsheet? Wow

These were exactly the words Gautam uttered when he saw what I made for our room. Yes, after clocking a good eight nights of work with coco and dosa breaks, I finally managed to come up with this. The hand painted bedsheet with characters resembling me and Gautam was ready to use a week before our wedding. 

I made about 12 illustrations depicting me and Gautam doing things that make a relation special. My favourite is where the character that depicts me is riding a bicycle and the basket on the backseat has hearts falling out of it and Gautam's character is seen collecting it. Second best being what I have done on the pillow covers. My character holds a big magnet which attracts Gautam's character, on the other pillow, and his heart towards me. 

The entire thing is very, very special to me. One has to see it to believe it. It's one my finest hand painted works. I believe its better than my hand painted shoes. On a light blue bedsheet, the characters are line drawings made with pencil first and then used fine brush in black colour and the hearts have red colour. Check the pictures below to get a feel of it. 

Like always, everyone can have something similar or even different on their bedsheets, all they have to do is ping me on FB, shoot me an email and those who have my mobile, whatsapp, sms, viber everything is welcome.

The newly laid bedsheet with the pillow cover

From another angle

My magnetic personality pulling Gautam ;)

Some of the 12 illustrations

My favourite one. :-)

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Chidiya Ghar

So like I had promised, the non-twittering sparrows are home. After a week of dilly dallying, I finally got my hands on the right size of the frames and here you go the sparrows are now adorning the wall, which once had some of Gautam's best pictures. But like it happens in every house, wife takes over a lot of things in the bedroom, this wall was rightfully taken away, if not ruthlessly.

The paintings were done long back, about a month before we got married. And I had locked them away in my safe. Once we came back from our mini honeymoon, we decided to unlock my treasure trove. The moment it was opened, and by the time it was emptied, Gautam had deservedly lost 80 percent of room space, shelf space, cupboard space, wardrobe space and now the wall to my creations and basic necessities. 

But this was coming, I mean the sparrows were specifically designed for the wall. I had informed him, or let's say asked him if I could replace these pictures with something else. Like a good boy, he agreed to take up any creative that I would make. And I splashed my favourite neons to come up with this chidiya ghar.

While all the sparrows were my brainchild, my mother for once thought some of them looked like helicopters. Well, that's fine. Creative people are always flawed geniuses. Non creative are always lesser mortals. But yes, this is surely the first of many more things that will adorn the walls of our bedroom. And I am sure Gautam's not complaining. And I can also assure you all that such ideas can also bring life to your bedrooms, dining halls and living rooms too. All that you'll need to do is ping me, discuss the idea, brainstorm and it shall be there.

Till then, hope you'll like this new Chidiya Ghar. 

Friday, 3 January 2014

Wedding Chronicles - My Wedding Invitation, I mean our Wedding Invitation

After taking interior roads to our college in Bandra Reclamation, buying a Reliance phone for making free calls to each other, sharing half a kilo of chocolate cake, being a 'best/ close friend' in the eyes of the world and a long distance relation for almost 3 years, we decided to take the plunge.

Yes, we got married on 13-12-13 with the blessings of Almighty and best wishes of our beloved parents, friends and family. And it was obvious that the creative keeda in me would churn out an invitation card of my taste. Combining Gautam's writing skills and my aesthetic sense, we churned out this simple, effective and colourful piece of invitation for our friends and family.

While both the sides had a traditional wedding card (kankotri) sent to our family members, we still wanted to make one for obvious reasons. And here you go, two versions of the same were sent out and the immediate feedback was overwhelming to say the least. 

Splashing colours, shapes and various other elements, we made it personalised by using our original thumb prints to make a heart shape out of it. Gautam found it a bit filmy, but I thought it was cute and of course creative.