Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Chidiya Ghar

So like I had promised, the non-twittering sparrows are home. After a week of dilly dallying, I finally got my hands on the right size of the frames and here you go the sparrows are now adorning the wall, which once had some of Gautam's best pictures. But like it happens in every house, wife takes over a lot of things in the bedroom, this wall was rightfully taken away, if not ruthlessly.

The paintings were done long back, about a month before we got married. And I had locked them away in my safe. Once we came back from our mini honeymoon, we decided to unlock my treasure trove. The moment it was opened, and by the time it was emptied, Gautam had deservedly lost 80 percent of room space, shelf space, cupboard space, wardrobe space and now the wall to my creations and basic necessities. 

But this was coming, I mean the sparrows were specifically designed for the wall. I had informed him, or let's say asked him if I could replace these pictures with something else. Like a good boy, he agreed to take up any creative that I would make. And I splashed my favourite neons to come up with this chidiya ghar.

While all the sparrows were my brainchild, my mother for once thought some of them looked like helicopters. Well, that's fine. Creative people are always flawed geniuses. Non creative are always lesser mortals. But yes, this is surely the first of many more things that will adorn the walls of our bedroom. And I am sure Gautam's not complaining. And I can also assure you all that such ideas can also bring life to your bedrooms, dining halls and living rooms too. All that you'll need to do is ping me, discuss the idea, brainstorm and it shall be there.

Till then, hope you'll like this new Chidiya Ghar. 

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