Friday, 3 January 2014

Wedding Chronicles - My Wedding Invitation, I mean our Wedding Invitation

After taking interior roads to our college in Bandra Reclamation, buying a Reliance phone for making free calls to each other, sharing half a kilo of chocolate cake, being a 'best/ close friend' in the eyes of the world and a long distance relation for almost 3 years, we decided to take the plunge.

Yes, we got married on 13-12-13 with the blessings of Almighty and best wishes of our beloved parents, friends and family. And it was obvious that the creative keeda in me would churn out an invitation card of my taste. Combining Gautam's writing skills and my aesthetic sense, we churned out this simple, effective and colourful piece of invitation for our friends and family.

While both the sides had a traditional wedding card (kankotri) sent to our family members, we still wanted to make one for obvious reasons. And here you go, two versions of the same were sent out and the immediate feedback was overwhelming to say the least. 

Splashing colours, shapes and various other elements, we made it personalised by using our original thumb prints to make a heart shape out of it. Gautam found it a bit filmy, but I thought it was cute and of course creative. 


  1. hahah...dats really sweet...something i wud make too.. :)

  2. ohhh gopi just saw ur weedding invitation though u did nt invie;-) but want to tel u one thing. u r amazing. keep going dear