Sunday, 23 February 2014

Here comes Dora the explorer

Elder sister Parishi got her neon Angry Birds shoes and now its time for Aashna's cute Dora Shoes. It took some time to complete them, little more than normally I finish in but the final product is worth the wait for Aashna. 

Like Parishi, Aashna too got these shoe as a gift from her Mayuri Aunty, who is my elder sister. But yes, Aashna knew what was coming for her and had a very clear demand. Seeing what her cousin Agastya had got done for himself, the Tin Tin shoes, she also wanted her Dora shoes with the same base colour. 

How sweet, a 9-year old had clear priorities about what she wants to wear. I mean there's no harm, but I am wondering if at that age I knew what I wanted to wear. Anyway, point being I kept that request in mind and swish swoosh pphhissshh for a few days and the shoes were ready. 

Hope Aashna likes them as much as I liked. And thanks Aashna for giving me a chance to do something different. I mean this was a welcome break from the many Angry Birds and Chhota Bheem I have done. What is next, well Calvin and Hobbes, Spiderman, Chhota Bheem as usual, my all time favourite cartoon Winnie The Pooh. 

Keep watching this space for more. Ohh Yes, there is a bedsheet too.

Friday, 14 February 2014

Valentines Day Special Bedsheet

Now here is one of my finest works till date to be honest. What I liked about hand painting this bedsheet is that I had the full liberty and creative freedom to do what was the best. Isn't that something a creative person always craves for. And once the creative freedom is available, all the hours you put in are a cake walk because you are loving what you doing.

So, Zarni, my school friend and of course now a client, had seen what I made for Gautam as a part of my bunch of wedding gifts. And she liked that bedsheet so much that she wanted something similar, special and romantic for her husband too. 

It was first supposed to be a wedding anniversary gift from Zarni to her hubby Shyam, but eventually she decided to give it on Valentines Day. My thought process didn't have to change with the occasion since she wanted it to be about her journey with Shyam till date. She gave me some background about herself and her husband. 

I exchanged a few themes basis that and she zeroed in on doing A to Z of love with some romantic figurines depicting the two. So the idea was to have one romantic word with all the 26 alphabets. To bring more love to bed, we added characters as a romantic couple. Now this was becoming some serious lovey dovey bedsheet, but Zarni wanted that and I was loving it. 

Two days were spent just making the marking and ruling for every letter and artwork to be aligned rightly, spacing left on all the four sides which will be tucked in. It took hell lot of time, energy and toll on my back but ultimately all was worth it. The pillow covers had an infinity symbol with the word 'Love' embedded in it going across both the pillows. On one side of the symbol is their names written and on other side their wedding date. 

King of Romantic movies the late Yash Chopra would have been proud for the amount of love I sprinkled on this bedsheet ;). So ladies and gentlemen, here is my first Valentine Special order. I call it the A to Z of Love Bedsheet. Cheeky eh! I know. 

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Neon Angry Birds

I must say the Tin Tin shoes I made for my nephew have been sort of a lucky charm. They were so much liked by my sister and brother in law that they actually decided to gift something similar to their nieces.

So two pairs of white canvas were sent, of the precise size and fitting. My sister got the cute requests from the girls and I splashed my best colours on them to make this shoe. I wanted it to be different from the previous ones. One of my oldest and evergreen fantasy was to paint something in Neon colours. 

So I went out looking for some good neon shades. Rightly I found a neon yellow, neon pink and neon orange. But since neon yellow was always close to my heart and the 14-year old Parishi had requested not to use a pink, I went with neon yellow. So out of the two shoes, one was the Angry Birds which you'll can see below and the other is work in progress. 

While it took me a good four days to complete it since I had other orders too, it still was well in time. I was happy to see the final product, but not entirely satisfied in my head. My only complain though was the courier company delayed the delivery.

Parishi wanted the shoe to be delivered on February 12 since on February 13 she had a school picnic where she wanted to wear them. But the stupid courier company delayed for unknown reasons and Parishi surely had a sad face. I am sorry Parishi.

I am sure she will get many more chances to wear the neon coloured Angry Birds shoe time and again. Worse was that she had seen pictures of the shoe few days before they were to be delivered and she was super excited and happy and sent me a message saying she was so, so impressed with the shoe and eager to wear them on her picnic.

Anyway, lesson learnt, never trust factors beyond your control. For now, I hope Parishi loves them and is excited as much as she was earlier. FINGERS CROSSED!!!

Monday, 3 February 2014

Tom and Jerry loving gentle giant

What probably would have been my first football club themed hand painted shoes ended up as another cartoon character one. And trust me after finishing it I thought the football club theme, that of FC Barcelona would have been much more easier. Why I changed the theme, well it wasn't the client who changed the idea. It was us.

My hubby placed an order to gift his Barcelona FC, Ferrari F1 Team and surprisingly Tom & Jerry loving boss. He didn't know in what order his loved all of them but the order was for a shoe in Barcelona colours with team logo. I was excited and nervous at the same time. After seeing the football club's logo I realised there wasn't much to do. 

We were to give Yogesh, my hubby's boss, the shoe on the day he invited some of us for a lazy Sunday brunch. I had enough time. But my allergy to something alien kept my throat sore and spirits down. The shoe wasn't ready on the 'deadline'. Hubby wasn't worried for the shoe as much he was worried for me. He asked me to take rest and make the shoe later. And we went for the brunch with nothing in our hands.

But good lords for that brunch happened and the shoe didn't. As Yogesh showed me his house around, I saw some Tom & Jerry soft toys lying on a sofa in his AV room. We assumed he had kept it for his niece and nephews to play with when they came home. But Yogesh, in his heavy voice, intently announced that those Tom & Jerry soft toys were his.

Within a fraction of a second after Yo (Yogesh likes himself being called Yo) announced his liking for the animated cartoons of William Hanna and Joseph Barbera, me and Gautam looked at each other and communicated with our eyes that this was it. Barcelona FC can take a back seat and Tom & Jerry will come alive. 

And in the next five days, my painting brushes, colours, skills and sore throat were all in order for bring Tom & Jerry to life for this gentle giant called Yo.