Thursday, 13 February 2014

Neon Angry Birds

I must say the Tin Tin shoes I made for my nephew have been sort of a lucky charm. They were so much liked by my sister and brother in law that they actually decided to gift something similar to their nieces.

So two pairs of white canvas were sent, of the precise size and fitting. My sister got the cute requests from the girls and I splashed my best colours on them to make this shoe. I wanted it to be different from the previous ones. One of my oldest and evergreen fantasy was to paint something in Neon colours. 

So I went out looking for some good neon shades. Rightly I found a neon yellow, neon pink and neon orange. But since neon yellow was always close to my heart and the 14-year old Parishi had requested not to use a pink, I went with neon yellow. So out of the two shoes, one was the Angry Birds which you'll can see below and the other is work in progress. 

While it took me a good four days to complete it since I had other orders too, it still was well in time. I was happy to see the final product, but not entirely satisfied in my head. My only complain though was the courier company delayed the delivery.

Parishi wanted the shoe to be delivered on February 12 since on February 13 she had a school picnic where she wanted to wear them. But the stupid courier company delayed for unknown reasons and Parishi surely had a sad face. I am sorry Parishi.

I am sure she will get many more chances to wear the neon coloured Angry Birds shoe time and again. Worse was that she had seen pictures of the shoe few days before they were to be delivered and she was super excited and happy and sent me a message saying she was so, so impressed with the shoe and eager to wear them on her picnic.

Anyway, lesson learnt, never trust factors beyond your control. For now, I hope Parishi loves them and is excited as much as she was earlier. FINGERS CROSSED!!!

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