Sunday, 23 February 2014

Here comes Dora the explorer

Elder sister Parishi got her neon Angry Birds shoes and now its time for Aashna's cute Dora Shoes. It took some time to complete them, little more than normally I finish in but the final product is worth the wait for Aashna. 

Like Parishi, Aashna too got these shoe as a gift from her Mayuri Aunty, who is my elder sister. But yes, Aashna knew what was coming for her and had a very clear demand. Seeing what her cousin Agastya had got done for himself, the Tin Tin shoes, she also wanted her Dora shoes with the same base colour. 

How sweet, a 9-year old had clear priorities about what she wants to wear. I mean there's no harm, but I am wondering if at that age I knew what I wanted to wear. Anyway, point being I kept that request in mind and swish swoosh pphhissshh for a few days and the shoes were ready. 

Hope Aashna likes them as much as I liked. And thanks Aashna for giving me a chance to do something different. I mean this was a welcome break from the many Angry Birds and Chhota Bheem I have done. What is next, well Calvin and Hobbes, Spiderman, Chhota Bheem as usual, my all time favourite cartoon Winnie The Pooh. 

Keep watching this space for more. Ohh Yes, there is a bedsheet too.

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