Monday, 3 February 2014

Tom and Jerry loving gentle giant

What probably would have been my first football club themed hand painted shoes ended up as another cartoon character one. And trust me after finishing it I thought the football club theme, that of FC Barcelona would have been much more easier. Why I changed the theme, well it wasn't the client who changed the idea. It was us.

My hubby placed an order to gift his Barcelona FC, Ferrari F1 Team and surprisingly Tom & Jerry loving boss. He didn't know in what order his loved all of them but the order was for a shoe in Barcelona colours with team logo. I was excited and nervous at the same time. After seeing the football club's logo I realised there wasn't much to do. 

We were to give Yogesh, my hubby's boss, the shoe on the day he invited some of us for a lazy Sunday brunch. I had enough time. But my allergy to something alien kept my throat sore and spirits down. The shoe wasn't ready on the 'deadline'. Hubby wasn't worried for the shoe as much he was worried for me. He asked me to take rest and make the shoe later. And we went for the brunch with nothing in our hands.

But good lords for that brunch happened and the shoe didn't. As Yogesh showed me his house around, I saw some Tom & Jerry soft toys lying on a sofa in his AV room. We assumed he had kept it for his niece and nephews to play with when they came home. But Yogesh, in his heavy voice, intently announced that those Tom & Jerry soft toys were his.

Within a fraction of a second after Yo (Yogesh likes himself being called Yo) announced his liking for the animated cartoons of William Hanna and Joseph Barbera, me and Gautam looked at each other and communicated with our eyes that this was it. Barcelona FC can take a back seat and Tom & Jerry will come alive. 

And in the next five days, my painting brushes, colours, skills and sore throat were all in order for bring Tom & Jerry to life for this gentle giant called Yo. 

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