Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Zoo Entry for 'Party' Animals

So after almost a break of 15 months, my work is back on my blog. But this break was only for blogging, work was hectic, so much that I failed to take out little time to post a blog. So here's the new post, sounds as cliched as it can be. But yes, I literally designed a Zoo Entry ticket. For what? Here's a little story.

Tvishi Jaipal Choksi, a dear friend, wanted me to make an invite for her husband and the husband's cousin's birthday party. This party was being planned at this lounge in Vile Parle, W, Mumbai called ZooBar. The look and feel of the lounge is obviously full of animals and then this was a birthday party. The two combined obviously made the invite into a zoo entry ticket for party animals.