Thursday, 27 November 2014

Lost between Corbett, Diwali and Goa

I know I haven't updated the blog for two months now, but trust me its been two months of super hectic action, so much that just a quick blog post like I am putting up today was also not easy.

Anyway like everyone knows there is a new office from where I operate, small one but cozy. But in between all that, I managed to design one coffee table book for a client based out of Chennai. Another wedding album, and then Diwali also came so have been doing nothing sometimes and everything most of the times.

Yes, that coffee table book was a long distance work, but whattay client. Sometimes your work just becomes easier when the client is prompt, precise and as excited as you are while designing the book. The book is in printing as I write this and its based on his time at Corbett National Park.

And then there is another destination wedding book which I am about to finish. So life's been tied up in between designing these books and office and my husband's constant crazy ways. Also I have to say sorry to Diggie, Gautam's former colleague, who has ordered for a customised shoe based on a Jim Morrison theme in October and I have been sitting on it for almost 2 months now.

But I will do it. Maa kasamm!! Diggie I owe you this one at a discounted rate. Though my husband says "don't worry, he also must've forgotten". But I want to finish it. I have already sketched the face on the shoes, its just a matter of filling the colours which is the tough part. 

Update soon. bye for now!