Monday, 1 May 2017

The Creative Jungle

Another post after a long, long time. And back again this time doing what I love the most. Painting a pair of shoe. This was for a family friend's daughter. Having seen my work, they gave me a free hand to paint anything I like. More so, they also didn't know what exactly their daughter would like. Teenage choices.

But then had to start somewhere, internet, wardrobe combined with imaginations got me to start something. A fox with reindeers horns and peacocks feathers, a bird with four legs, feathers of a cock and crocodile type spikes. Yes, in a matter of a few days, these animals came to life, with my colours. To add some splash I added some cactus and my creative jungle was ready.

While making it I was worried whether the teen girl would like it. But when it reached their home, the folks were excited to see it and likewise, Dhanvi, whose birthday it was on May 1, liked it when she was gifted this by her parents. And after which the excited parents told me that she was craving for a pair of Converse and they had refused her. Reason being this custom-made pair was on its way. Here you go!!


Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Zoo Entry for 'Party' Animals

So after almost a break of 15 months, my work is back on my blog. But this break was only for blogging, work was hectic, so much that I failed to take out little time to post a blog. So here's the new post, sounds as cliched as it can be. But yes, I literally designed a Zoo Entry ticket. For what? Here's a little story.

Tvishi Jaipal Choksi, a dear friend, wanted me to make an invite for her husband and the husband's cousin's birthday party. This party was being planned at this lounge in Vile Parle, W, Mumbai called ZooBar. The look and feel of the lounge is obviously full of animals and then this was a birthday party. The two combined obviously made the invite into a zoo entry ticket for party animals.


Wednesday, 22 July 2015

My first wild one

Sounds funny the title eh!!

Well, the work I did a few months ago has been my first foray into the wild. To be precise, wildlife. I was waiting for some opportunity like this and it came in the form of a certain wildlife photography enthusiast by the name of Karthik Moorthy. Karthik happened to be Gautam's journalism days colleague and friend Lakshmy's friends husband. Yaa, long shot!! 

But take my word, this gentleman (by all means and in true sense) from down South has been the most dedicated and zero-fuss client I have ever met. He had an idea, left us to build on his idea, be liberal on how to turn his idea into a a book worthy design and the ultimate product was something that turned out to be pretty impressive, by the clients' admission.

Yes, we made our first wildlife photography coffee table book from our first client from down South. The book from being just raw pictures in Karthik's Canon EOS 7D and 60D to a 50-pager exhibit named 'Birding At Corbett' came into being in about 2 & 1/2 months.

It was not just my aesthetic sense which made the coffee table book possible but also Karthik's unflinching dedication to the project, which included flying down to Mumbai to just look at the final layout, and then not ask for any big changes. The book is Karthik's experience into Corbett National Park while going for a wildlife excursion, especially for photography. 

Not only that, Karthik also sent one of his men from Chennai to Bengaluru just to pick the first print of his book which was being processed there. This, only to ensure that the first copy reaches his mentor Ramashish Ray (also now happens to be my client, thanks to Karthik) before he left the country for a long period. 

Truly it was an experience to work with someone as dedicated as we were to the whole piece. Thanks for being my client Karthik, thanks for introducing me to Ramashish and more importantly thanks for coming back again to start your new book. 

The cover with the box designed like the cover too 

One of the inside pages

A double spread layout of Chestnut Headed Bee Eater

One of Karthik's best shot which recently got selected in a leading newspaper's FB page as picture of the day

A double spread which gave precise details on the birds Karthik shot in Corbett

Saturday, 16 May 2015

My first fling with a sling

So as the title says, this is my first fling with a sling. After painting shoes, tees, bedsheets, pillow covers, walls, I picked up this new thing of painting sling bags & clutches. 

Yes, I get these bags custom made with a white cloth from a friend of mine who learnt how to make them. And then I paint them. Though its not as simple as I am saying it. But then just when I thought painting part is a tough job, making these slings and clutches was another task.

Luckily, I just had to paint them and not make them from scratch. But mind you to even paint a clutch/ sling isn't a cakewalk. These are specifically only for women and you cant paint them with superheroes and artists only.

The first order also happened pretty randomly. A friend of a friend asked me if I can do this and I said, yes why not. And then for a couple of days we brainstormed on what to paint and settled for a floral pattern which I had to create. She agreed to the third pattern I created and voilaa!!

The final result here for you'll to see and give feedback. Hope this is first of many. I'm lovin it!!

Saturday, 25 April 2015

A calendar with a different thought

When this project first came to me, I struggled to come up with ideas for it. It was just not working out. Its normal for any creative to not come up with the best idea in the first instance. But I made over 25-30 trial and error attempts before zeroing on the final design.

What came out eventually was a very satisfactory outcome. The client here is Windsor, a plastics processing machinery manufacturing firm with a 50 years history. They have some cutting edge technology from around the world which makes their roster of clients what one would call as happy customers. And to make machines and their products talk for their calendar wasn't easy.

Fact of the matter is that their products effectively touched human lives. Through the 12 pages of the year’s calendar ultimately they wanted to show exemplary attributes that go into making up the most of it in everyday life.  

Monday, 13 April 2015

Pulp Fiction meets Scarface: Timeless work on these timeless flicks

Till I was asked to make these characters on pillow covers, my only connection to Pulp Fiction was through my husband Gautam. He had done a 20 minute documentary on Colaba Causeway and used the background score of Pulp Fiction in the same. Now after over 9 years since he made this documentary, one of my friend Nirja asked me to hand paint that sexy pose of Mia from Pulp Fiction and that epic dialogue from Tony Montana in Scarface.

The moment Nirja told me to do this, I knew I had this opportunity to create some classic here. I took a good 20 days to complete this, which included 15 days of holiday in Hongkong ;). Anyway the ultimate conclusion of the work was actually ultimate. When I shared this work with my friends and family, they were all stunned. I had stunned myself too.

This is my second pillow cover after making one with Bob Marley. And I have suddenly a new found affinity to these classic retro designs. Hope I get some more opportunities like these soon. Keep checking this space for more.

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Last minute panic is called a creative mood

This time around my work on a shoe is so well defined by quotes of the characters I hand painted. Here is probably the story which says it all.

Calvin: "You can't just turn on creativity like a faucet. You have to be in the right mood."
Hobbes: "What mood is that?"
Calvin: "Last-minute panic."

Yes. This is my first Calvin & Hobbes shoe and I got really tied up while completing it. It became last minute thanks to my dear sister's last minute plans to travel abroad. I got this order from one of my most loyal clients named Anu. She ordered for this in size 38. Unfortunately I had size 39 and that would have been a bit bigger.

We had to wait till my vendor sent me a size 38 shoe. We ordered and the vendor said he will dispatch it. In fact after some digging, we found a size 38 in our stock itself. And then the next night my recently married, settled in Hongkong less-of-a-sister-more-of-a-friend asked me to join her in Hongkong for some fun.

I couldn't resist the temptation and I realised I just had 36 hours to complete the shoe. With a back spasm that has been irritating me for over 4 months, and an eye on Hongkong, I started the shoe just 36 hours before my flight. And trust me my last-minute panic work came out really well.

The pressure of finishing work before I leave made me more focused. And the final product is for all to see. I told my client to collect the shoes from my husband who wasn't joining the ladies party in Hongkong. Here is to Calvin and Hobbes and their inspirational quote.