Tuesday, 23 September 2014

My first client get another first from me

Yuvaan I tell you is one lucky boy for me. Besides being my first client, he also happens to be one of those chocolate boys I would love to eat every day. While my first work, a photo collage for Yuvaan, was made when he was about to turn one, my second work for this cutey pie was made yesterday, on his 2nd birthday.

Life's been full of colour since I got his photo collage done, and of those, I splashed the best colours on a tiny little size 2 T Shirt. Yes, on his 2nd birthday, me and my husband thought of giving him something that he would not get his eyes off. And after spending almost every alternate day out with this Mehta Jr. we realised that he was obsessed with Chhota Meem (Read Bheem) and after his American sojourn, he started loving Mimmie Mouse (Read Mickey).

So we decided to get the two together. The question first that stood in front of us was kya banaaye? We thought of making a bedsheet, but already a hand painted bedsheet from our studio had gone into that house. He was too young to get a hand painted shoe, I mean we couldn't find the right shoe size. And anyway we made shoes for almost every second client so it had to be something different.

So then we decided to get a plain white T Shirt and I had to do my magic on it. So we went to a baby clothing store to get a plain T Shirt, saw a few things that got us excited and I started telling my poor hubby that, "Listen these kids clothes are expensive man!! But when we get a baby and because of his or her shopping, you cut down on my shopping budget, I will cut you into pieces."

But he quickly diverted my focus back to finding a T Shirt for Yuvi. We found one, liked it, took it and painted it. And yes, we got a birthday message on it too which got Bheem and Mickey saying, "Yuvaan's mom has told us not to let him date any girl till he turns 18"

Here's a quick glance at how the work on it progressed and eventually how the birthday boy looked when he got it. 

The plain vanilla Tee

Work in progress

Colours done, outlines left
All done

Papa Purav gets Yuvi boy to pose for a pic

And then the dude after wearing this Tee decides to comb his hair. Dont know for whom though!!

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Emmy Awards winning character on my shoe

Finally Vinny got what he wanted for months now. Yes, Gautam's colleague Vinayak Shenoy had ordered a Breaking Bad themed shoe like 3 months back. We made one in quick time but unfortunately it didn't fit him. Then with loads of backlog, we had to keep his shoe making on the back burner.

Finally, I started work on his shoe about a week ago, and yes to make Heisenberg's face on the shoe takes that long. And last night I finished it. It was as big a challenge this time as it was last time around too. And I didn't want to make it in a rush because I personally liked this challenge of making a human face on the shoe. 

While making them, Gautam told me how Bryan Cranston, the actor who plays the character won his fourth Emmy Award for the role. When I saw him on the screen, he looked so different from what the character looked like. At the awards nite, Cranston looked pretty old and soft unlike the character where he looked menacing.

But anyway, I managed to crack the look this time too, not without Gautam messing around while I made them. But alls well that ends well. Hope Vinny loves them. And yes Vinny if you are reading this blog, I am warning you that you better wear them. I have had to work really hard to get the right look, and that too with Gautam around. 

P.S.: Coming up next; two rock band superstars. One a drummer, another a lead singer. Keep watching this space to know who they are.