Monday, 1 May 2017

The Creative Jungle

Another post after a long, long time. And back again this time doing what I love the most. Painting a pair of shoe. This was for a family friend's daughter. Having seen my work, they gave me a free hand to paint anything I like. More so, they also didn't know what exactly their daughter would like. Teenage choices.

But then had to start somewhere, internet, wardrobe combined with imaginations got me to start something. A fox with reindeers horns and peacocks feathers, a bird with four legs, feathers of a cock and crocodile type spikes. Yes, in a matter of a few days, these animals came to life, with my colours. To add some splash I added some cactus and my creative jungle was ready.

While making it I was worried whether the teen girl would like it. But when it reached their home, the folks were excited to see it and likewise, Dhanvi, whose birthday it was on May 1, liked it when she was gifted this by her parents. And after which the excited parents told me that she was craving for a pair of Converse and they had refused her. Reason being this custom-made pair was on its way. Here you go!!