Saturday, 25 April 2015

A calendar with a different thought

When this project first came to me, I struggled to come up with ideas for it. It was just not working out. Its normal for any creative to not come up with the best idea in the first instance. But I made over 25-30 trial and error attempts before zeroing on the final design.

What came out eventually was a very satisfactory outcome. The client here is Windsor, a plastics processing machinery manufacturing firm with a 50 years history. They have some cutting edge technology from around the world which makes their roster of clients what one would call as happy customers. And to make machines and their products talk for their calendar wasn't easy.

Fact of the matter is that their products effectively touched human lives. Through the 12 pages of the year’s calendar ultimately they wanted to show exemplary attributes that go into making up the most of it in everyday life.  

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