Wednesday, 22 July 2015

My first wild one

Sounds funny the title eh!!

Well, the work I did a few months ago has been my first foray into the wild. To be precise, wildlife. I was waiting for some opportunity like this and it came in the form of a certain wildlife photography enthusiast by the name of Karthik Moorthy. Karthik happened to be Gautam's journalism days colleague and friend Lakshmy's friends husband. Yaa, long shot!! 

But take my word, this gentleman (by all means and in true sense) from down South has been the most dedicated and zero-fuss client I have ever met. He had an idea, left us to build on his idea, be liberal on how to turn his idea into a a book worthy design and the ultimate product was something that turned out to be pretty impressive, by the clients' admission.

Yes, we made our first wildlife photography coffee table book from our first client from down South. The book from being just raw pictures in Karthik's Canon EOS 7D and 60D to a 50-pager exhibit named 'Birding At Corbett' came into being in about 2 & 1/2 months.

It was not just my aesthetic sense which made the coffee table book possible but also Karthik's unflinching dedication to the project, which included flying down to Mumbai to just look at the final layout, and then not ask for any big changes. The book is Karthik's experience into Corbett National Park while going for a wildlife excursion, especially for photography. 

Not only that, Karthik also sent one of his men from Chennai to Bengaluru just to pick the first print of his book which was being processed there. This, only to ensure that the first copy reaches his mentor Ramashish Ray (also now happens to be my client, thanks to Karthik) before he left the country for a long period. 

Truly it was an experience to work with someone as dedicated as we were to the whole piece. Thanks for being my client Karthik, thanks for introducing me to Ramashish and more importantly thanks for coming back again to start your new book. 

The cover with the box designed like the cover too 

One of the inside pages

A double spread layout of Chestnut Headed Bee Eater

One of Karthik's best shot which recently got selected in a leading newspaper's FB page as picture of the day

A double spread which gave precise details on the birds Karthik shot in Corbett

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