Friday, 14 February 2014

Valentines Day Special Bedsheet

Now here is one of my finest works till date to be honest. What I liked about hand painting this bedsheet is that I had the full liberty and creative freedom to do what was the best. Isn't that something a creative person always craves for. And once the creative freedom is available, all the hours you put in are a cake walk because you are loving what you doing.

So, Zarni, my school friend and of course now a client, had seen what I made for Gautam as a part of my bunch of wedding gifts. And she liked that bedsheet so much that she wanted something similar, special and romantic for her husband too. 

It was first supposed to be a wedding anniversary gift from Zarni to her hubby Shyam, but eventually she decided to give it on Valentines Day. My thought process didn't have to change with the occasion since she wanted it to be about her journey with Shyam till date. She gave me some background about herself and her husband. 

I exchanged a few themes basis that and she zeroed in on doing A to Z of love with some romantic figurines depicting the two. So the idea was to have one romantic word with all the 26 alphabets. To bring more love to bed, we added characters as a romantic couple. Now this was becoming some serious lovey dovey bedsheet, but Zarni wanted that and I was loving it. 

Two days were spent just making the marking and ruling for every letter and artwork to be aligned rightly, spacing left on all the four sides which will be tucked in. It took hell lot of time, energy and toll on my back but ultimately all was worth it. The pillow covers had an infinity symbol with the word 'Love' embedded in it going across both the pillows. On one side of the symbol is their names written and on other side their wedding date. 

King of Romantic movies the late Yash Chopra would have been proud for the amount of love I sprinkled on this bedsheet ;). So ladies and gentlemen, here is my first Valentine Special order. I call it the A to Z of Love Bedsheet. Cheeky eh! I know. 

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  1. thanks gopi for all ur day nd night efferts but ur work is appriciated. nd thanks for makeing my day so velentine.