Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Ohh Shruti, you are just too good

There are days when I feel how I wish I could do what this friend of mine does. And today was that day. Shruti, now a mom, is simply amazing in what she does with a piece paper. And what I saw today just reinforces my feeling of being half as good as she is with her work. 

So just in case if you guys feel that you want to see what all can done with a piece of paper, follow this blog of Shruti Menon and feel amazed everytime she puts up a new post. You will, trust me.

Blog Link: http://shruti.anup.org/?p=2089


  1. Awww.. Thank you so much, you guys!! :-) but honestly, I know I stand nowhere when it comes to Gopi's talent!! Kudos to you, Gops! Love ya!!

  2. But Shruti you are good at your work and that's a fact. Keep it up!!!