Monday, 24 March 2014

Make A Wish Bedsheet

So this friend of mine is a self-confessed unromantic fellow. He isn't the one who will bring breakfast for his wife on her bedside even once in two years. Deciding to break away from his reputation, Purav asked me to hand paint a bedsheet for his wife Mansee for her birthday which happens to be today.

Bedsheets are never easy to hand paint, and he knew after seeing my previous work. So he told me a good one month back. Brief was simple, there was no brief. He told me, “Make what you think Mansee will love. Because I like what you do on bedsheets.” While that was flattering, but in retrospect I realized that if Purav knew little-little things about Mansee, like her favourite colour, favourite cuisine, dream holiday destination, it would have made life easier.

Never mind, men will be men. So I decided to take the uncharted territory of first knowing what Mansee likes and then making a concept out of it. But how to ask Mansee about her likes and dislikes just for time pass. So me and Gautam got into arguments and called up Mansee to validate our arguments and in that all Gautam weaved around questions to know what Mansee likes.

Once we got to know little bit more, we zeroed in on four-five concepts.

And the final concept, called Make-A-Wish, was nailed. The pillow showed Mansee blowing away candles from her birthday cake. On the bedsheet, its written Make A Wish, and below there is another illustration of Mansee in deep thought making a wish. And the central creative is a thought bubble which shows all wishes that Mansee has in her mind like flying to Paris, playing volleyball, shopping, Yuvaan growing up soon, Purav and Mansee cycling together and so on and so forth.

We pray all her wishes come true. Purav hope you have made a note, now its on paper what all Mansee wishes for. ;)

The entire bedsheet set

The Pillow covers which shows Mansee blowing off the candles

That's bday girl Mansee on her bedsheet with hubby Purav sitting around

The rolling Yuvi boy, Mansee's bubbly and growing-up-very-fast son

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