Sunday, 16 March 2014

The usual suspect and the new cutey

I dream of Chhota Bheem these days. The number of Chhota Bheem shoes that I have made is not funny. And the count is still on. There are another couple in the pipeline. So when my friend Krishna asked for a couple of pairs, there was mixed feelings as I accepted the order.

She wanted a pair of Chhota Bheem for her son, a character which I sometimes hallucinate about. The saving grace, literally, was the Winnie The Pooh order. Yes, Winnie The Pooh is my favourite, favouritest, favouritest favourite cartoon character. I love them so much that while I was completing my studies in Mumbai and I fell sick, my folks got me one Winnie the Pooh soft toy. This was like seven years back, I was 22 then.

That's another story. So this time when I was sick of making Chhota Bheem shoes, Winnie The Pooh excited me and gave me that fillip to work. So here's the usual suspect with the new cutey pair of shoes.

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