Tuesday, 11 March 2014

'Sabse Chhota' (the tiniest) Chhota Bheem

Yes, the headline says it all. I may be posting something after a really long time. But trust me I have had so many orders to complete (touchwood) in this time that there was really no time to even pee. Ok, so this 'Chhota' Chhota Bheem order was the first of eight orders I had. And trust me, it took more time to complete these tiny, cuty Chhota Bheem shoes for Raahil than any other shoe.

The order came to us through my husband's boss Yo Nambiar, the Tom & Jerry loving gentle giant. Yes, we had made Tom & Jerry shoes for Yo and Raahil happens to be son to Yo's buddies Anu and Rakesh. Yo showed them his new possession, who then decided to get something similar done for their son. 

And there you go, at size 6, measuring 15.5 cms exactly, these Chhota Bheem shoes came along nice. But the grind I went through in making them was as good as making a shoe of adult size nine. Smaller the shoes, more the detailing. It was getting tougher painting them. Anyway I pulled it off after a spike in energies and brains occured with a super dark cold coffee made by my hubby Gautam. The result is for everyone to see.

P.S.: Coming up next: Hand painted shoes with My Little Pony, Winnie The Pooh, Breaking Bad, Simpsons, Avengers & others.


  1. Such a well written, mind capturing, entertaining blog! Love to read them as soon as you post 'em! And I cant wait to see My Little Pony! :D:D Excellent work you do! Always!

  2. Thanks Pinkal!! Little Pony is trotting its way to you very soon. And trust me if there is any shoe that I have done which look so dazzling, its the little pony ones.