Saturday, 15 March 2014

Avengers Assemble at my studio

"Gopi, come rain or sunshine, you have to give me these shoes by this Saturday," said Hardik last Saturday. I was already under a pile of orders, and this demand from Hardik looked impossible to comply with. But then the excitement of doing new characters excited me and along with Little Pony shoes, I started working on Avengers shoes for Hardik's nephew.

More than me Gautam got excited knowing I got a client wanting Avengers shoes. Yes, Gautam can watch Avengers movie thrice in a day almost every alternate day. That's another story but.

While I was sceptical about the idea, I mean making Hulk, Captain America and others was tough because these guys were superheroes who relied more on facial expressions. And when I started making the shoe, my doubts came true. Making Hulk and Captain America's became a big challenge. These are 3D characters and not 2D, and that's where it just got a bit tough.

Making Iron Man came as easy as the role comes to Robert Downey Jr. But honestly, I surprised myself in the end. And Hardik who picked the shoe like just 30 minutes back was also pleasantly surprised. I hope the nephew loves them. So here is Avengers mini assembly for all to see.

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