Saturday, 11 January 2014

Ohh Shit!! This is bedsheet? Wow

These were exactly the words Gautam uttered when he saw what I made for our room. Yes, after clocking a good eight nights of work with coco and dosa breaks, I finally managed to come up with this. The hand painted bedsheet with characters resembling me and Gautam was ready to use a week before our wedding. 

I made about 12 illustrations depicting me and Gautam doing things that make a relation special. My favourite is where the character that depicts me is riding a bicycle and the basket on the backseat has hearts falling out of it and Gautam's character is seen collecting it. Second best being what I have done on the pillow covers. My character holds a big magnet which attracts Gautam's character, on the other pillow, and his heart towards me. 

The entire thing is very, very special to me. One has to see it to believe it. It's one my finest hand painted works. I believe its better than my hand painted shoes. On a light blue bedsheet, the characters are line drawings made with pencil first and then used fine brush in black colour and the hearts have red colour. Check the pictures below to get a feel of it. 

Like always, everyone can have something similar or even different on their bedsheets, all they have to do is ping me on FB, shoot me an email and those who have my mobile, whatsapp, sms, viber everything is welcome.

The newly laid bedsheet with the pillow cover

From another angle

My magnetic personality pulling Gautam ;)

Some of the 12 illustrations

My favourite one. :-)

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