Sunday, 14 July 2013

April Fool in Mid July or call it Sau Sonaar Ki, Ek Lohaar Ki

This one is up and above all the rest of my achievements in life. I FOOLED GAUTAM. Yes,  for the first time ever, I pulled a fast one on my fianc√© and how. Like 9.5 times out of 10, he would, using his poker-faced expressions, he would make a fool out of me. But this one time, he was completely foxed. In the language he loves and understands the most, he was clean bowled by a googly. 

During the last weekend, I was in Surat for some wedding shopping and of course for being the privileged visitor to my doctor. And in between all that, I managed to spend sometime with my effervescent as ever cousin Pinal. The two of us are like a house on fire and yes we were together this time for a purpose, planning for our trek to Kinnaur Spiti in August first week.

In between all that, we managed to go to various places and  a coffee shop was obvious. And Gautam would believe that me and Pinal would do anything under the sun to keep ourselves entertained, shopping of course is a no-brainer. So, this one time, while in a coffee shop, I sent this picture (below) to Gautam and asked him if he liked this. 

The googly
He was stunned and excited at the same time. He just loved the concept of a photo coffee. And felt so embarrassed that a small city like Surat had this novel concept and his Maximum City Mumbai didn't have anything close to this. He took the bait and hook, line and sinker. He was now looking forward to come to Surat at the earliest.

He was to travel to Surat anyway to catch up with my folks and of course help me bring back the heavy luggage that I had to bring to Mumbai. But the torrential rains in Mumbai and parts of Gujarat on Friday (July 12, 2013) stalled his trip as the trains were cancelled and roads weren't the best option. 

The trip got cancelled and he was upset, seriously. He updated his Facebook Page with this post also. 

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