Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Diggy, your shoes are ready

Yes, this was important to say. This is the longest I have worked on hand painting a shoe. Longest ever. It took me four months to complete the shoe. Not because I didn't know what to do but because so many things cropped up in between that this shoe took a back seat.

Thanks to the fact that the client is a great guy and has shown tremendous patience. When I started seriously on the shoe, this looked to be one of the best shoe I have handpainted for sometime. I think I use this term very loosely, but trust me this was the best shoe I have made, bestest of the best. I rate these 'Jim Morrison shoes' above Breaking Bad I made for two other clients.

I was wrong to say that Heisenberg shoe was the toughest to make, this Jim Morrison was another level altogether. Finally so after going on with it for four months, I completed the shoe last weekend only to know that Digvijay, my client and my husband's former colleague is out of town. But he was super thrilled to see what we eventually made.

Hope you all guys too love it, and basis this please don't judge my work pace. This was totally one off. Honestly in between I did so many big projects that I was feeling lazy to even pick up the paint brush which was like labour work compared to working on my Mac for the other projects I worked on.

Enjoy this till you see the new hand paint work I finished just yesterday. That's even more epic. IT IS!

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