Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Dad, why did you take away my phone?

"Ohhh Goddd!! This is gorgeous, so cute," is how Mrs. Mehta, rather Yuvaan's mother reacted after seeing her son's picture collage. And father too was equally excited and ready to stick that bigger than his son's height creative right up there.

Making collage is fun. But it’s easier said than done. This isn’t a limerick but a matter of fact. Few days back, I was on the verge of completing a picture collage of flag-bearer of my fiancé’s school group’s second generation, Yuvaan Mehta. All pictures were finalized, but we could not nail the lead picture, one that would hold the entire 47 inch by 24 inch creative.

Her mother, Mrs. Mansee Mehta, a former playgroup teacher, saw through her entire collection of pictures on her laptop, mobile phone but could not find that ‘one’ picture. His father Purav Mehta, who swears by any new phone priced above Rs. 35000, browsed through his innumerable phones and still could not give us that ‘one’ picture. Luckily my engagement ceremony had a candid photographer coming to capture the priceless moments and of course the eight-month old, Yuvaan was making his traditional wear debut then.

We knew this was the moment and Manoj, the photographer, just captured Yuvaan in a moment which said it all. And also completed our collage, getting us that much needed ‘one’ picture. Yuvaan, decked up in a blue kurta and white pyjama, had that look on his face which killed it.

Now each and every one of you might imagine that it may be a cute smile, a shy face, a smirk that was framed. No. It was that killer look where it seemed as if his father had just taken away his new iPhone 5 while he was about to touch high score playing Subway Surf. And yes, that picture now adorns the centre of my collage and the walls of Mehtas’ bedroom too. Father Purav will remember this picture all his life and the day he dares to take away his son’s phone, it will be a déjà vu moment. 

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