Thursday, 30 May 2013

Ohhh'Rigami' This beautiful art is not my cup of tea

Origami isn't just my cup of tea. I learnt that yesterday. The traditional art of paper folding from Japan takes some serious hard work and considerable patience. While working hard isn't much of a problem, patience is my weakness.

A very good friend, Mansi Ranawat, has learnt this art and when I met her over a meal yesterday at her place, she showed me some of her work which looked simply splendid. (Below in picture) I particularly liked the pink and green coloured peacock. 

The peacock I am so fond of. 
While it looks like a piece of cake, this particular piece of work has about 300-400 paper folds stuck together. It isn't funny to first sit down and cut the papers in the right size and then keep folding them. And here I am not even talking about stringing it all together. That's a separate process all together. 

Mansi insisted me on learning this, but I am sure I am not cut for this. She herself claims that sitting and folding this takes toll on her back. And I am not someone who wants to go through the pains ;). I am happy to throw up designs on my MacBook Pro. I will leave this splendid art for her. 

But yes, if anyone of you is interested in picking this stuff from Mansi, do email me and find details. Given below is some more work she has done, which also is as good as the peacock I have set my eyes on. 

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