Saturday, 1 June 2013

Yes, it's

I found a site, I grabbed it like land grabbers. The foundation stone has been laid and the construction has begun in full swing. Gopi's Studio will be live very soon, provided the requisite permission, clearance and authorisation is given ;-). Just kidding. The target is end of this month, but my fiancee is too difficult to handle, very fussy. Actually particular.

So yes, the day this is launched, there will be Samosa, Pastry, Cold Drink and Potato Wafers party for sure. So next time when you see pictures of the above mentioned things in my blog post, remember, the entire Gopi's Studio will be wired, live and for everyone's consumption. Till then, let me get back to work, ooppss, lunch time also closing by.

CIAO. You may go to and see the construction work yourself.