Friday, 7 June 2013

Do, undo, redo

How many times I must have re-done this
Deserts are difficult to deal with. Some of the most enduring human journeys have been the ones through these endless stretches of sand. Even my journey through one was such. But mine was while making a painting in low key high key colour scheme. 

This one painting tested my patience to infinity. A stickler for perfection, the final product seen above is after rejecting four ones made previously. Yes. I made the same painting four times, and finally achieved what I wanted in the fifth attempt.

Sometimes the colours weren't right, sometimes, the edges weren't sharp. Once the sun wasn't bright and once I was just irritated. But after finding some inner peace, I started again and the result of four rejections, some 30 hours of dabbling with my colours, brushes and papers and bedsheet, I finally made this.

And since then I have suffered from this Do-undo-redo syndrome in almost every work. That's the way most artists are, isn't it. ;-)

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