Saturday, 8 June 2013

In laws in love

My fiancé is a fashionably late when it comes to giving gifts. He loves to give them, but just not on time more often than not. And even if it is his parents' 30th wedding anniversary. Though he celebrated the day with a lovely lunch at Barbeque Nation, but he had nothing to gift them. I mean 30 years is like an achievement to say the least. But he was clueless.

He didn't want to give something bought with a Mastercard, but something personalised, something that strikes a chord and not only awe. And that's when he realised that his fiancée is the solution, like she was five years ago too. About five years ago, during their 25th wedding anniversary, he thought of making a photo book for them.

The concept was conceptualised on my laptop. A mix of dedications written by their families with photos from their childhood to jawaani to wedding to being parents were mixed and matched with sweet dedications from their families. Five years back I was just his chick. Today a step away from being his woman. 

Time passed and circa 2013 we decided to make a photo collage with 30 as a theme. We developed something for final approval is when my brains vomited another idea. This was of a suspended photo hanging. Idea was approved in less than 30 seconds and executed in less than a week. But the key to all of it was the rings that would hold the 24 pictures front and back in a 3inch by 3inch size.

The rings took time to come but when everything was assembled on a fine Saturday. The result was splendid and personal. Yes, my father in law, in a child-like enthusiasm started remembering dates and moments the pictures were clicked. Maa-in-law was pleasantly surprised seeing the concept. And I got a nod of approval from both and my fiancé kept a distance from this moment. He tends to become emotional seeing his parents' happiness. 

You want to get it done, call me or email me when you want to also strike a chord with your someone special.

The photo hanging suspended from the
roof of their bedroom

Myself with my recent creation ;)

A satisfied client with the designer ;)

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