Thursday, 20 June 2013

Finally, life's coming a full circle

Nothing gives more pleasure to a creative person than his/ her work in a good shape, and of course appreciated. The ultimate result is a combination of right skills, religious practice and of course right equipments to support. Rotis I would bake more often than not took shapes of maps of various continents and countries, as I had mentioned in my previous post 'Wish MacBook could make Rotis'

But as of today, I feel I don't need MacBooks for perfect round Rotis. I changed my belan (rolling pin) and the result was, dhantananan an almost perfect round Roti. Yes, I did it just a couple of hours back while making lunch for my brother in law. And my fiancĂ©, my biggest critic, approved of the shape and said he is proud of me. Well, does he have a choice. 

Round Roti, finally. ;)
So when he saw this picture, first thing he told me is if I used the scissor lying around the flat plate. But then it was just a coincidence. How can someone cut a Roti in shape with a scissor? It may be no big deal for many of you to get a Roti in the right shape. And some day when I read this post, may be five years later, I too would feel why I made it such a big deal. 

But as I said, nothing gives a creative person more pleasure than his work in right shape and appreciated. Little joys of life I would say.!!!

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