Friday, 14 June 2013

Wish MacBook could make Rotis

Life has become so digital and dependent on gadgets these days that even making a Roti has become a monumental effort. And trust me, I wish Apple had a Roti maker, I would have bought it. With a blindfold on, I can make a perfect circle on my Adobe softwares on my MacBook, but with a belan (rolling pin) and chakla (plate to flatten the dough), I end up making maps of the world. 

Well, that's the story of all first timers. But for last 100 times, my first time hasn't ended. From maps of various countries, I have progressed to ovals, perfect round is a rare occurrence. And that's my ultimate goal. Not that I complain and neither does my fiancĂ© have a choice. But as a graphic designer who knows her shapes, colours and designs, not having a perfect circle in any form is a matter of shame.

But as some say, life comes a perfect circle and so will my Roti come some day. Till then wishful thinking could be 'If MacBook could make Rotis' ;-) 

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