Tuesday, 18 June 2013

My love for bags, bling and art

Photo courtesy: Unitedworld Institute of Design
The moment I saw this my heart stopped and I could not stop sending this image to my fiancé. I could imagine the expression on his face, a resigned look hoping I don't find this bag in some shop some day to buy it for sure.

But the best part of this work is that it's a combination of three things I can't live without; bags, bling and art. And if this combines into one, how can I not drool over it. The bag or a piece of art whatever you want to call is nothing less than stunning.

It was Unitedworld Institute of Design's Facebook page where I found this and immediately fell in love. But outside for my obsession for the three things I mentioned, this really looks very beautiful to say the least. It needs a lot of creative juices, patience and perseverance to all flow together for a product like this to come out. 

And mind you, every creative person's ultimate goal is to have a product which ultimately is drool worthy and this one does make one feel so. Not sure how many men would like this particular bag, but would be surprised if any of my girl friends or blog readers would agree any less with me on this. 

And by the way, my fiancé has no where to go if this comes up for sale. He better buy me this. Gautam are you reading this?

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