Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Our obsession with Angry Birds just got better

Yes. Its true, we are obsessed with Angry Birds. Me and my fiance Gautam both. We had Angry Birds slippers, Angry Birds keychains, and yes as a part of my wedding ka saamaan I have bought an Angry Birds bathroom kit, which has Angry Birds soap dispenser, loofah, soap case, toothbrush stand and what not. In fact there was a point when we decided to order Angry Birds cake for our engagement too. But common sense prevailed then and the cake was conceptualized differently.

So coming back to Angry Birds' new obsession, this time I decided to take it to next level. We bought plain white canvas shoes on which I decided to make the most of fabric paints which Gautam gifted me on my birthday. Falling short of creative ideas on what to do with the shoe, both of us unanimously decided to get it 'Angry Birded'. And yes, as you see in the given below pictures, you'll understand how serious we were about our obsession.

It took out a couple of nights from my life, but it was worth when Gautam was floored seeing it. 

P.S.: We are taking orders. Don't feel shy if you are obsessed with some other characters. And by the way, you may soon see another shoe design for our cutest client. Keep watching this space.

This is how it started, sketching it with black marker

Then chosing the exact colour

Sometimes, I had to combine two colours to get the right shade 

Before which I got the light blue background

Semi finished

And then the ultimate obsession

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