Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Yuvaan's Day Out!!!

It's never easy to capture those candid moments when your kid is angry, happy, playful, especially when he is just about a year old. But you want to and don't know how to do it. The choice is between holding a diaper and a camera, and its not a difficult one to make. Mansee, a very close friend, also happens to be my 'always-up-for-a-late-night' friend Purav's wife. And yes, she is the mother in question here.

The job became easier when the Mehtas (Mansee & Purav) decided to trust myself and my fiancĂ© Gautam's photographic instincts to capture Yuvaan's moods. They knew we were decent if not excellent to do the job, especially knowing our talent to make a picture out of anything ;). And then one fine day, this shoot happened after lot of planning around my travel, Gautam & Purav's work schedules, Mansee's daily chores and of course Yuvaan's whims & fancies.

With a tripod, two Canon SLRs and bucketful of enthusiasm, especially since this was our first kid photo shoot, it happened to be one of the most satisfying and gratifying assignments. The 11 months and 358 days old Yuvaan was being good to all of us. He knew us (his photographers) well because day in day out we are together out for a dinner or spending late nights at their place. 

And the ultimate conclusion to the 5-hours of hard work was worth a million dollars. A good 35 pictures were filtered out of the 700+ that we clicked. And here I have put up five of the 35 we selected. More of these will be put up in installments. Before all that, Yuvaan has been a very good client to say the least, our first and still the cutest client of all. Mwaaaahhh!!!

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