Thursday, 7 November 2013

Hand of God

No. This is not about Argentine footballer Maradona who scored a goal with his hand and got this term 'Hand of God' coined. This is about one of oldest friend Dhruvi Reshamwala's skills. This mother of a cute little, 2 & a half year old girl Kavya is one hell of a Rangoli maker. Not that I didn't know about it. But what she did this time around was stupendous, splendid and awe-inspiring to say the least.

Just before Diwali time every year, there is a Rangoli exhibition organised at Surat Science Centre year on year. Dhruvi and her sister Shraddha are hardcore Rangoli enthusiasts and no wonder they were keen on being a part of it second time this year. Luckily I happened to be in Surat this time around, managing to maintain some distance from my hubby-to-be. And let me accept I thank my stars I was in Surat.

Just for the sake of catching up with Dhruvi for old times sake, I eventually ended up spending hours with her for a day or two even while I was feeling sick and unwell. And yes it was worth the pain. Dhruvi was attempting to design a 3D rangoli of 6 feet x 16 feet size. And impossible was not a word she understood. And after a gruelling 7-8 hours of dedication for 5 consecutive days, the result was nothing short of outstanding. 

And what was more compelling is how she managed to switch from being a mother of little Kavya, wife to Devang and daughter in law to Devang's mother. And all this wasn't possible without their support. And it was worth their support. In an exhibition with over 50 rangoli designs, her stood out solely for its 3D perspective and one has to see it to believe it. The disappointing part was the meagre compensation that she received from the organisers, but that was never her motivation. 

So see this and tell me if I was wrong to say that she has a 'Hand of God'

The final rangoli

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