Sunday, 13 April 2014

Little Miss Sunshine, who?

“I want a Little Miss Sunshine shoe for my 8-year old niece Tara,” said my new client Mishana. Now I was dumbfounded when she told me to design a Little Miss Sunshine themed shoe because I honestly didn’t have any clue about this Little Miss Sunshine. The name sounded sweet, but then.

All Hail King Google. But it wasn't bingo on first try. I found a movie released in 2006 by this name. I was like I can’t hand paint real life faces on shoe, it’s like climbing a hill with a 90 degree steep. But then just by adding one more keyword in the search I found this cute little, round in shape with an affable smile character called Little Miss Sunshine.

My husband who does all my research into our characters mostly told me that this adorable character is a part of Little Miss book series, the 4th book to be precise. Ok then, so I sent the characters image to Mishana and she confirmed the same and swwwissshhh-swwooooossshh started my paint brush.

Let me admit this was probably the easiest character I have made in sometime. And I enjoyed doing it thoroughly. The yellow coloured Ms. Sunshine’s sweet smile can melt anyone’s heart. And in a matter of a few days, the shoe was up and ready. We missed our deadline by four days, but then I am lucky to have really cool clients.

Thanks Mishana for not making polite enquiries for the delay. And yes, for the record, this is my first hand painted shoe with the name of the person who will wear it on the back of it, Mishana's Little Miss Sunshine, Tara. 

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