Monday, 18 August 2014

Bello!! Me want bananas

For some time now I was looking to get an order to paint shoe which would be out of the box. Then came in this order from Aanchal, who wanted a pair of gobbledygook but cute Minions on a shoe for her niece Uttara and a Spiderman for nephew Uday. Now Spiderman isn't anything new, but these Minions excited me so much. And they are so cute!

Honestly when Aanchal first told me about getting Minions on the shoe, I was wondering what are these Minions. Then google, as usual, came to my rescue and the moment I saw their picture, I knew I got an order which I was yearning for for such a long time. And then when the work started, I didn't stop for a moment, kept continuing on them till I actually finished them.

Probably these were the first pair which I actually completed in just 2 days. Thanks Aanchal for getting me to do this. I hope Uttara likes her pinky Minion shoes, and Uday makes the most of his web merchant Spiderman. 

Coming next: Heisenberg and another rock star. Wait and watch this space for more. 

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