Friday, 15 August 2014

World on their bed

I have come back to this blog after almost 3 months, a month of which went in planning my trip and going for the trip. After which I immediately got on my backlog, the destination wedding album and a wildlife coffee table book. While working my a** off on these, I got one of my most cherished works till date, an interactive bedsheet with World Map on it and another two single bedsheets with every cartoon character I've ever loved.

So this order came from my husband's former colleague Rahul Teny. He previously had ordered for two pairs of shoes for his niece Ira and nephew Ruhaan, but had kept it on hold for some reason. After he placed the order for bedsheet is we realised that he wanted to gift them something that could remain with them for the rest of their lives unlike the shoes which they would have outgrown in a matter of couple of years.

The idea of world map of course came from him. Rahul said that his 4-year old twin nephew-niece started recollecting country names during the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. So he wanted them to locate the countries on the world map which would be drawn on the bedsheet. On the pillows, their names were written in their favourite colours of course. Ira obviously would like pink and Ruhaan like I predicted liked Blue. 

Like Rahul had asked for, only a few regions were marked and rest left empty for the kids to fill in as and when they realise.

And then in a matter of week, this was what came out. Though the kids haven't seen it yet because they are out of town making the most of the long weekend. But I am keeping my fingers crossed. Thanks Rahul for this opportunity, really!!!

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